The Evolution of the D.O.C. Stego

by Cindy Smith and Dan Grenard
Part II (2015-2017)

As a focal point of the Crossroads Through Time Geology Time Trail, the Stegosaurs required a more realistic appearance, and during the summers of 2015-2016, she underwent a major re-fabrication under the direction of local metal artist Vaughn Chamberlain.

Stego Story
The Makeover Begins

Vaughn added muscular definition to the stovepipe legs, visible ribs to define her midsection, and a new surface design and coat of paint. He dealt with hot summer temperatures, back plates that were difficult to access and wasps. He removed rust, sanded, caulked and foamed, welded, added gorilla hair for ribbing and rhino lining bed liner for texture, primed, sealed and painted.  And then painted some more.