Recent Activity on the Geology Trail

The entire length of the trail has now been completed, and on April 28, 2017 ten trail markers were finished, providing information at ten points along the trail.  The signs show the alignment of the continents at that time, they indicate where rocks of the particular age can be found in the area, and they direct people to related points of interest in Fremont County.   Signs are at the Start, 5 MYA (million years ago)—Royal Gorge, 35 MYA—Volcanism and Florissant Fossil Beds, 100 MYA—Great Interior Seaway, 150 MYA—Dinosaurs, 290 MYA—Fountain Formation and ancestral Rockies, 450 MYA—Harding Sandstone and fossil fish, 550 MYA—The Cambrian explosion of life, 1000 MYA—Pikes Peak, 1700 MYA–rocks of the Royal Gorge.

The repainting of the Stegosaurus is also complete, and she looks better than ever.  Additional landscaping is underway, and work has begun on the people and places trail.