Howard railroad depot

Howard Railroad Depot

Howard Railroad Depot

As you walk along, the railroad depot comes up on the right with all the hustle and bustle of freight being moved and passengers awaiting their departure time. Smell the smoke from
the engine and hear the steam whistle as the conductor cries, “All Aboard!” The steam and smoke from the locomotive mingle with the haze from the charcoal kilns east of the station.

The railroad enabled people, including tourists, to come here from all over the country. Passenger fares ranged from 2 to 5 cents per mile. Even residents from Cotopaxi came by train
to Howard for parties and dancing. By the 1900s, numerous freight trains and about eight passenger trains ran through the area each day. Mail sacks were hung on a pole by the  tracks so the passing trains could pick them up twice a day.

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