Historic Howard

Historic Howard

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This free Self-Guided Heritage Tour is part of a series by the Fremont County Heritage Commission and Fremont County Tourism Council, with support of a grant from the Colorado Tourism Office to convey the County’s rich history and encourage heritage tourism. The Fremont County Historical Society, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational organization, is also a partner in this effort.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome and may be conveyed to [email protected] or sent to:

Fremont County Heritage Commission
615 Macon Ave
Cañon City, Colorado

These and other tours being developed may be downloaded for free at www.fremontheritage.com or found in racks at Chambers of Commerce and Museums throughout Fremont County. Information beyond the scope of this booklet may be found at these locations along with other tours.

Acknowledgments: This all volunteer booklet was originally researched, compiled and written by Linda Beermann and Rita Aten of the Western Fremont Historical Society (WFHS) in 2010 as a Walking Tour of Old Howard. With WFHS permission it has been adapted for this series. Betsy Denney and Jim Nelson edited and coordinated publication.  Photos: Royal Gorge Regional Museum & History Center. Illustrations: Mildred Wintz. Layout: Larry Hill. First Published July, 2015