Standard Oil Station
701 Main Street

Standard Oil StationThis building was built around 1930 to replace a smaller gas station constructed on the site in 1923.  While Vickers Petroleum owned and operated the earlier gas station, the new one belonged to Standard Oil Company.

With the Spanish clay tiled visors at the roofline, the building looked more like a Spanish Colonial Revival house than a gas station. In 1931, Howard Mann became the manager of the twobay service station. The Standard Oil Dealers magazine The Merchandiser featured Howard Mann and his service station in 1953. The article stated that the station is “directly across the street from Cañon City’s best hotel (then the Hotel Cañon now the St. Cloud), and next door to one of the town’s best eating places (Biddy’s Drive In).” Mann’s sons ran the business after his death, retiring in 1986. From 1987 until 1991 the Meat Shop operated here.

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