Bengley Building
622-624 Main

Frank H. Bengley had this 19th Century stucco over original brick façade building constructed in the 1880’s. It has stucco with a cast iron cornice, 6 segmental arch windows,  keystones and lintels accenting the windows. As with many of Cañon City’s downtown buildings, the stone came from the Kerr Stone Quarry in Howard and the brick from The Diamond Fire Brick Company.  Frank H. Bengley made his money in silver mining and financed the building before the silver crash in 1890’s. He and his wife lived in luxury accommodations upstairs. Rooms were rented and this once was called the Colorado Hotel.  F.H. Bengley served as Fremont County sheriff from 1873-1877; he was a partner in the Cañon City Building and Loan Association.  During the Civil War, he served as a “Pikes Peaker,” in the first Colorado Volunteer Infantry.

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