Skyline Theatre
606 Main Street

Skyline TheatreThe Jones Theatre was designed by architect G.C. Hawkey. L.A. “Busy” Jones and Sons built it in 1917. The theatre seated about 1,000 including a balcony with lighted steps. The woodwork was white enamel and mahogany. Walls had a Tiffany finish and were painted shades of pink and green.

In 1925, B. P. McCormick purchased the Jones Theatre and renamed it the Skyline, McCormick and his sons Harold and George ran the theatre, among several others, for 65 years.  In 1993, Skyline Theatre re-opened under the management of Chuck and Marianne James who purchased the building from Harold McCormick in 2001 and began to remodel, aiming for the look and feel of the old theatre with some modern conveniences.  They found old-fashioned wooden-back seats which were fitted with cushions and 1938 standard aisle lights. A Dolby Digital Surround Sound system and fiber optic ceiling lights were installed.

Roy and Kate Voss purchased the theatre in 2004 and daughter Linda Epperson has it today continuing a family operation with the aid of a recent  Kickstarter campaign needed to fund a new projection system.

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