Fremont County National Bank
522 – 532 Main

FC Bank

Fremont County National Bank

A Classical Revival building is under the current façade. The design was in the Georgian style of architecture and is a red brick structure partially covered by cream terracotta.  There were two large terracotta fluted columns at the front entrance that measured 22 feet in height. Ralph Eck of Bankers Construction Company of Denver constructed the 1921 building. The façade changed in 1975 by an all metal covering that hid all four walls. While the original building’s architect is unknown, the succeeding ones were Marvin Knedler,
Denver, for a 1964 expansion and Charles Y. Choi of Colorado Springs, for the 1973-74 and 1981 remodeling.

Previously the Palace Livery Station operated at 532 Main Street began by Augustus Sartor in 1871-72 as a livery barn, staging and freighting. In a photograph of the Palace Livery, the building is brick, two-story, with five windows in front plus a very large entrance door. Demolition of the building and two others came after 50 years of usage to make way for the erection of the Fremont County National Bank in July, 1920.

Frederic A., Joshua and Jefferson Raynolds were the owners of the first Fremont County Bank, built in 1921. The Board of Directors in April, 1921 included J.H. Harrison, T.B.  Coulter, D.N. Cooper, G.R. Tanner, Dr. W.T. Little and President George E. Rockafellow. The Fremont County National Bank was one of the oldest financial institutions in Colorado. In December of 2005, Wells Fargo acquired the Fremont Bank, ending 131 years of its home-town banking.

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