Arthur Block
517-519 Main Street

Arthur BlockT.B. Coulter, at one time, owned the most desirable real estate in Cañon City. This 1895-1901 building was built to the specifications of architect C.C. Rittenhouse sponsored by Coulter and R.G. Arthur. It is a two-story cream brick done in the Renaissance style with four rectangular bays flanked by two headed bays. Upstairs, there were 16 rooms, both residential and businesses to rent. Most rooms or offices had sinks but the lavatory and bathroom was shared by residents of the Arthur and Record block buildings.

In 1905, Clyde Patton moved his jewelry business to the Arthur Block.  Three generations of Pattons ran the business, closing in 1978 after 70 years.  The clock in front of the store became the official time keeper for the town and local railroads.

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