Raynolds – McGee Block, 330 Main Street


Raynolds – McGee Block

Construction of the Raynolds – McGee Block began in 1882. Frederick A. Raynolds owned the east half for the Fremont County Bank, while William B. McGee’s west half held the Handy & McGee Mercantile Company.  Both owned the stairway leading to the second floor and eleven apartments.

McAdams and Oplinger were the contractors for the Gothic Revival building’s stonework. Quarried limestone from the prison was used for the foundation. Exterior walls are pink  stone from Castle Rock, in a broken ashlar style. Other stone came from south of Cañon City and Four Mile Creek. The corner entrance had Royal Gorge granite steps and a stone  arch supported by Vermont granite columns.  A 70-foot tower inscribed with “Raynolds Bank” rose above the entrance. By 1926 the tower was considered out of style and removed, only to be replaced in 1982.

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