prospect Heights Jail

Prospect Heights Jail

Previously a Slavic enclave of mine workers near the Nonac Coal Mine.
Harriet Spencer Rudd

Harriet Spencer Rudd (1818-1910) & Anson Rudd (1819-1907)

There is a story of Harriet's first encounter with two Indians who entered the cabin while she was ironing.
Griffin Ranch Homestead

The Griffin Ranches & Family History Research Project

Albert Benjamin Griffin (b. 1811 – d. 1896) started a legacy in Canon City and Fremont County beginning in the fall of 1860.

Bird Millman & the Millman Trio

Hailed by many as the greatest female wire artiste who ever lived.
Magdelene Scheetz Raynolds

Magdelene Scheetz Raynolds

One of the first women bank presidents in the United States
Minnie Harding

Minnie Harding

Inducted into the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame in March 2016